Avala & Kosmaj Tour

Want to climb one of Belgrade symbols, Avala tower? You are in love with nature and craft beer?
Then you should join us on our day tour to Avala and Kosmaj and experience it all!

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Avala & Kosmaj

Avala mountain

Avala mountain rises above Belgrade with 511m height. Small mountain with many legends and mysteries throughout the centuries.
Ancient mining passages reaching deep in its womb, legend of numerous masters Žrnov fortress lies under the nowdays giant monument of Unknown Hero.
If you dig little more, you will some intrigues, have the Argonauts visited Avala?
Who donated cypress alley evergreen trees along the Unknown Monument path, why old fortress was mined and many more.

You will be welcomed by a symbol of Belgrade – the Avala Tower, you will have chance to climb 205m tall tower where you can enjoy a unique view on the surrounding landscape, probably best viewpoint in Serbia, including amazing view off whole Belgrade on your hand.

Avala has a lot of springs with fresh water since ancient time. Nowdays there is 8 of them and water from Avala was used in first Serbian beer in 19th century.
And that’s not the only mentioning the beer on our tour.

Kosmaj mountain

After favourite picnic spot for Belgraders’ Avala, you will have a chance to see beautiful Kosmaj mountain, which is another mountain close to Belgrade.

Kosmaj mountain is even more untouched nature, easy level of hiking will lead you straight to the top and futuristic unique spaceship-like monument from communist period, dedicated to fallen comrades of WWII which is nowdays symbol of this mountain.

After hiking through oak woods on Kosmaj mountain, as cherry on the top,
we will visit famous craft beer brewery Kabinet, which is located on hills around Kosmaj, with stunnishing view on whole Sumadija region.

There you can taste the best local craft beers combined with some food as well.

Return to Belgrade is planned at evening.

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Avala Tower tickets

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Avala & Kosmaj

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