Belgrade Tours

We decided to completely change the way you explore Belgrade.

Enjoy an alternative sightseeing experience of Belgrade.

Explore the city with us on unique and convenient way with E-Scooters

Friendly, ecological, and accessible; these are the three words that can describe our thrive to make your visits and trips enjoyable.

Choose one of our tours and let your adventure begin:

Top Destinations


Zemun- Belgrade's Montmarte

Zemun Tour

We will show you hidden gems, the best angles, and viewpoints for taking photos, breathtaking views from Gardos hill, apparently the best cityscape view in Belgrade.


Craft beer and breweries

Craft beer and breweries Tour

This fun tour includes tastings, snacks, and e-scooter equipment, so everything’s on a plate for you.


Street Art

Street Art Tour

Look to the streets and they will tell you the pulse of the city.
On the walls, on poles, on electricity boxes, there are the stories of the local people.

belgrade tours

Ada Lake

Ada Lake Tour

Relax and enjoy smooth ride through beautiful nature and bring your swimsuit to experience Ada Lake to the fullest. Beautiful beach bars and refreshing water will make you to enjoy hot summer day.

Belgrade Central

Belgrade Central Tour

Belgrade’s Old City is its most atmospheric district, and this 3-hour long e-Scooter tour will take you to all the biggest highlights.


Belgrade Riverside

E-Scooter Belgrade Riverside Tour

On our way, we will pass under all of 6 Sava’s bridges in Belgrade including the biggest and most beautiful Ada Bridge which is one of the biggest bridges in this part of Europe.


New Belgrade

New Belgrade Tour

With e-Scooter in 3 hours, you’ll discover the socialist elites buildings, business buildings from the socialist period, the greatest buildings to impress the non-aligned comrades…Simply in 3 hours, you’ll understand more than 50 years of Yugoslavian socialist utopia.


Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Tour

Want to experience local beauties of wine? Book this fantastic tour with us and enjoy it with your friends!
We will bring you to the finest wine shops in Belgrade. A unique experience with the best wines Serbia has to offer.

Food Tour Serbian insiders

Food Tour

Food Tour

Is there better transportation between a couple of amazing food places than a stress-free E-Scooter?

Let us take you to the streets of Belgrade to experience typical local food a Belgradian would eat to quiet their hunger, thirst, or satisfy a sweet tooth.


Belgrade Hooligans Tour

Belgrade Hooligans Tour

It is often said that football is more important than life and death. Yes it is, especially here in Belgrade and Serbia where people live for their club 24/7 not just during the weekend.

In Belgrade you are either black and white or red and white. You have to choose your side! With us you will learn the story about eternal derby of Belgrade!

Rakia Tour

Rakia Tour

Have you ever taste Serbian rakia? Both answers will lead you to join our Rakia Tour, because rakia is an amazing authentic drink that has been claimed as something that you really need to try when visiting Serbia!
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