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Fruska Gora Wine Tasting

Once upon a time Fruska Gora was island in Panonian Sea. 600.000 years ago sea disappeared.
Nowdays, Fruška Gora is a mountain in northern Serbia where Serbian wine history foundations lie.
Mistress of vineyards, the Queen of the divine nectar will tell you a fairy tale about the wines.

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Fruska Gora Wine Tasting

Wines of Fruška Gora

The wines of Fruška Gora feature distinct character and authenticity, which is a result of specific clima, vicinity of the Danube river, and unique terrain.

Discover with us the best wines of Fruška Gora and combine them with great local food!
Small family wineries, unique autochthonous grape varieties, vineyards on the slopes along the Danube river, on the rim of the national park, that’s just a small part of what Fruska Gora has to offer you!

Velika Remeta Monastery

Besides two wineries, the main theme of our tour will be visiting the vivid Velika Remeta Monastery and you will experience the spirit of medieval times.

Fruška Gora with its 17 monasteries is famous as Serbian Athos Mount (holly land).

Fruška Gora had a great influence on the development of Serbian spirituality, literature, and the Serbian State itself.

Sremski Karlovci

Also, you will have a chance to see the beautiful medieval Serbian town of Sremski Karlovci, which was the first Serbian educational center in medieval times.

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''Return to Belgrade is planned at late evening hours''.

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