Via Ferrata Gornjak, Mali Vukan Hiking & Zdrelo Spa

Hiking with Via Ferrata climbing is perfect for those who enjoy adrenaline activity.

This is a tour made for those who just want to enjoy nature, with a lot of activity, all while enjoying the smell of the forest and gorgeous views surrounding them.

Ferrata Gornjak

Mali Vukan Hiking

Zdrelo Spa

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Via ferata in literal translation means the iron path. It’s a road through an often inaccessible terrain, which is open by placing metal bars or “treads” and protected by a steel rope. 

The essence of modern ferates is a steel cable that runs along the route and is periodically fixed to the wall. 

The cable is used for securing, but can be used as auxiliary handhold in some parts. What is certain about this adventure is that the experience will be unique and you will be able to feel what it feels like being on a cliff surrounded by vast space around you, and again absolutely safe.

After climbing through the iron path, hiking all way up to Mali Vukan peak is waiting for us.

Mali Vukan viewpoint on the top will award us with its amazing view of the whole Homolje region.

In the end, after we finish with our hike, relaxation in the thermal bath Ždrelo awaits us.
There is a modern spa center in Ždrelo. The thermal waters there can reach a temperature of up to 40 ºC and can be unbelievably pleasant and relaxing, alongside its medicinal properties.After our little joy in the thermal spa, we will get our strength back in a restaurant nearby that serves specialties from this region.

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