E-Scooter New Belgrade Communist Tour

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With e-Scooter in 3 hours you’ll discover the socialist elites buildings, business buildings from socialist period, greatest buildings to impress the non-aligned comrades, and social housing blocks for the classless society. You’ll see how and why the architecture changed from Soviet-like to modernism to brutalism.
Simply in 3 hours, you’ll understand more than 50 years of Yugoslavian socialist utopia.

This tour will be focused on New Belgrade, true contrast of communist and modern architecture. There is no better place to hear stories and learn about Belgrade post-WWII architecture, Josip Broz Tito and much more related stories to that period, on most fun and comfortable way, without a sweet drop.

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Why New Belgrade

Belgrade and its most atmospheric district, and this 3-hour long e-Scooter tour will take you to all the biggest highlights.

What You Get

The E-Scooter tour will take you away from the crowded bus tours and give you the most comfortable and unique view of Belgrade life, beautiful architecture, cobbled streets, secrets…

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