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3 Danube

Serbia is a country blessed with a rich cultural and historical heritage and this feature can easily be seen in its fortresses and castles.
An old country that has many medieval tales to share with those interested, Serbia is the right place to visit if you want to admire well-preserved amazing castles.



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Gradac Canyon Tour

As we have that in mind, we decided to create a refreshing and adventurous tour that will be available for everyone and that will be an escape from the city heat.

Eastern Serbia Jewels

Some of biggest legends and mysteries of this region we will discover at spring of Krupaja river, which is called Serbian Thailand.

Eastern Serbia is untouched jewel of nature and the place of the long and turbulent history. 


amazing things you didn't know about Serbia

  • It Is a Land of Rich Heritage and Culture…
  • Birthplace of Roman Emperors…
  • Largest Exporter of Raspberries…
  • Serbian Hospitality is Famous…
  • The word “Vampire” is Serbian…
  • Contribution to Science…
  • Houses Europe’s Largest Gorge…
  • Belgrade Is One of the Oldest Cities in Europe…
  • Most Serbian last names end on ‘ic’…
  • Kolo is the traditional folk dance of Serbia.
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Novi Sad & Fruska Gora National park tour

After a long and successful day, we prepared you for a visit to one of the oldest and most authentic farm restaurants in the region.
Handpicked food, served in a traditional way, will certainly blow your senses and create an unforgettable gastronomical experience.”

Subotica and Zvonko Bogdan winery

Subotica is also well known for its relaxed atmosphere, great food, and great wines.
Subotica region is home to of some the greatest wineries in Serbia.

Golubac Fortress and Djerdap National Park

Have you ever heard that some fortress have never been conquered by any army?
Do you wonder why?
If you visit guardian of Danube Golubac Fortress you will understand it!

Tara and Mokra Gora multi day tour

If you are looking to spend time in untouched nature, enjoy spectacular mountain viewpoints, Tara and Mokra Gora tour is the perfect choice for you!

Ride with the spectacular Sargan Eight train on European biggest scenic railroad is a specific attraction, be sure that you will remember it forever!


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Zagajica hills

Have you ever thought from where famous Windows XP Wallpaper came from? Don’t miss a chance to discover it!

Fruska Gora Wine Tasting

Once upon a time Fruska Gora was island in Panonian Sea. 600.000 years ago sea disappeared.
Nowdays, Fruška Gora is a mountain in northern Serbia where Serbian wine history foundations lie.
Mistress of vineyards, the Queen of the divine nectar will tell you a fairy tale about the wines.

Our tours are private, our professional tour guides will be focused to answer all of guests questionsand more than that.
Our knowledge of attractions, restaurants and other locations comes from the reality on-the-road
experience which we have built over the last couple of years.
Our aim is to offer you unique experience, something that you will remember forever.
At the end of the tour, you will probably end up having a New Friend!

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