Panorama view of Uvac canyon and river with an flying eagle

Uvac Canyon Tour: Explore Serbia's Spectacular Viewpoints

Are you prepared for a full-day tour to one of the most remarkable vantage points in Serbia?

The Uvac River's unbelievable meanders are the highlight of Uvac nature reserve in southwestern Serbia.

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Uvac Canyon

Panoramic view of Uvac canyon and river wth three people posing on a picture
Panorama view of Uvac canyon and river with an flying eagle

Griffon Vulture's Sanctuary

Keep your eyes peeled for the diverse of inhabitants. This nature reserve is home to over 130 different bird species, including the coveted Griffon Vulture. Exclusive to the southeastern European region, these majestic birds, with their impressive 3-meter wingspans, are must – see.

Uvac Lake dam

Embark on our adventure at the Uvac Lake dam, where you’ll board our comfortable cruise boat. Uvac River snakes its way through massive limestone rocks, creating a breathtaking canyon that beckons exploration.To truly appreciate the splendor of the Uvac Canyon, we’ll take you to the one of two most extraordinary viewpoints: Molitva viewpoint or Veliki Vrhovi viewpoint.

From above, you will witness nature’s masterpiece unfold before your eyes.
Panorama view of Uvac canyon and a river

Enchanting Ice Odyssey

Prepare to be enchanted by the fabled ice cave system that stretches an impressive 6 kilometers. With its two entrances, this remarkable cave network connects the canyon to the other side of the mountain. Experience the chilling beauty of the Ice Cave firsthand, and discover why it has earned its icy reputation.
people pointing at stalactites inside of a big cave
Finally, highlight of the day awaits as we embark on a scenic hike through the meandering hills. The trail leads us to the viewpoint Veliki Vrhovi. Prepare to be swept away by the astonishing panorama that awaits you there, a reward for your adventurous spirit!

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Uvac Canyon Tour

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