Zasavica Safari Tour

Do you want to connect with nature & animals for one day? If your answer is yes, there is no better place to do it than Zasavica park of nature!

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Zasavica Nature Reserve

Boat ride & Local food tasting

Boat ride around Zasavica lake will blow your mind after you see some of beavers who are living there, just like in fairytale.

Meanwhile you will have a chance to taste some of authentic local food from Zasavica farm which will deliver this authentic local experience to the fullest.

Zasavica Tour

Zasavica tour is definetely something that will get smile and hapiness on every kid face, but also on elder people faces as well.

In Zasavica animals have such a huge land just for themselves, they are people friendly and you can experience their everyday life and routine from first hand, you will walk among them!

What’s included?

Private transportation

Tour guide services

Zasavica entrance ticket

full day tour

Zasavica Safari Tour

  • Price per person
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