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Who are we?

We are a group of enthusiastic people specializing in private tours in Serbia and Belgrade.

Whether you are looking for location tours, day trips from Belgrade, walking tours or wine tastings, our team will help you choose the right tour for you.

Book a private tour just for you or your group and enjoy and experience Serbia to the fullest.

Looking for an authentic Serbian EXPERIENCE?

Our tours are private, our professional tour guides will be focused to answer all of the guests’ questions
and more than that.
Our knowledge of attractions, restaurants, and other locations comes from the reality of on-the-road
experience which we have built over the last couple of years.
Our aim is to offer you a unique experience, something that you will remember forever.
At the end of the tour, you will probably end up having a New Friend!

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It was a great experience and it helped me to explore the city faster and same time the hyper feelings of driving an e_scooter



Marko’s Escooter tour was awesome. I came to Belgrade for 5 days and took his tour on my 4th, after having my friends show me much of Belgrade’s and Serbia’s government buildings.
Marko’s knowledge far extended that of my friends, being able to describe and articulate individual decades of the building erections was a point I took note of. He had the blueprints all in his head! Our drive to Millenium Tower in Zemun also led to a great cafeteria, an amazing viewpoint a context around why/how Zemun stayed a part of the Austrian Hungarian Empire for so long. I felt pretty lost in the 2.5 million cities of Belgrade however after Marko’s tour I felt far and away like I understood the urban sprawl I couldn’t get away from. Belgrade is also quite proud of its churches both Catholic and Orthodox which Marko did a great job of differentiated and pointing out.



Would highly recommend Marko and his tours!



The perfect combination of everything!



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''To explore all that Serbia has to offer, be sure to wander off the beaten track and peek into its hidden corners''.

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