Belgrade Hooligans Tour

Beyond the Game: Unraveling Belgrade's Football Culture and Street Art Scene

Belgrade is a city that is home of Europe’s fiercest football rivalry and has each year at least two ‘’Eternal derbies’’ which is becoming huge city’s tourist attraction as well.

It is often said that football is more important than life and death. Yes it is, especially here in Belgrade and Serbia where people live for their club 24/7 not just during the weekend.

Book our tour and learn 75 years old rivalry story from inside!

Tour length 3h

  • Price per person

Why Belgrade Hooligans Tour

On Belgrade Hooligans tour you will have chance to see whole hooligans neighborhoods, their territory is clearly marked all around the city. Graffiti, murals, wall writings are just some of hooligans folklore that you will have chance to experience, also with our E-Scooter adventage you will have chance to visit both stadiums and see their hardcore tribunes and stands.

In Belgrade you are either black and white or red and white. You have to choose your side! With us you will learn the story about eternal derby of Belgrade!

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